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Why Choose Cosmetic Laser Clinic in Brooklyn?

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Isn’t it time you get to be the best version of yourself? BYou Laser has everything you need to help you, with skin and hair perfecting treatments for the face and body. Our advanced laser clinic was created to give clients an immersive and rewarding medical aesthetic experience. We offer a full range of services including; Botox, body contouring, skin treatments, and laser hair removal. Brooklyn and surrounding NYC area clients can take advantage of our high traffic location. We offer extensive treatments for the face and body including professional products and trained staff of certified medical estheticians. Be beautiful, be bold, and BYou!


You can achieve silky smooth hairless skin in just a few short sessions.

The most advanced and cutting-edge solution for stubborn fat cells, CoolSculpting uses the power of targeted freezing to eliminate fat without harming other cells. CoolSculpting is ideal for contouring areas that are resistant to diet and exercise such as the chin, neck, and inner thighs. By freezing the cells at a warmer temperature, this procedure can pinpoint and freeze only the unwanted areas. Once frozen, the cells are able to be metabolized by the body and completely eliminated. This, unlike other weight loss options, will prevent the fat from coming back. 

 With an experienced hand, we can create a natural, more youthful look.  BYou Laser Clinic uses only FDA approved injections administered by certified medical aestheticians. Proper injection administration is an art form that follows the natural contours of one’s face to expertly plump and lifts sagging and sunken skin to achieve your aesthetic goals. Whether you want a bold change or a subtle lift, cosmetic injections offer an instant, safe, and painless solution. From small imperfections like fine lines around the mouth to deep grooves in the forehead and sunken areas of the face and lips, cosmetic injections offer an ideal treatment.

Beautiful, healthy looking skin can be yours with our complete line of skin treatment options. We use advanced techniques to treat even the most stubborn skin conditions and sensitive skin. Our range of skin treatments includes everything from innovative Platelet Rich Plasma non-surgical facelifts to chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other skin rejuvenating techniques. With our range of options available, each personalized skin treatment plan is designed specifically for your goals and your skin’s needs to give you confidence inside and out.

hair restoration

 At Byou, we offer several hair growth options to fill in bald patches and add volume to thinning hair. Hair loss is a common yet devastating problem that millions of men and women face. Age and genetics play a major role in thinning hair and can be difficult to remedy, but Byou has several proven effective treatments to meet the needs of many suffering from hair loss. With our non-invasive hair growth options, you can have your own natural hair in a matter of a few treatments. No messy gels, painful procedures, or uncomfortable hairpieces– just your own natural hair, but better!

BYou’s range of full face and body treatments are designed to give you head-to-toe confidence with a high-quality, all-inclusive experience for your medical aesthetic needs.

BYou has helped hundreds of clients to achieve amazing transformations with our full line of advanced medical aesthetic procedures. From skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction to hair growth and hair removal. We provide full body results to help you be your best and most confident in your skin. Contact us today for your FREE consultation and begin your own transformation today!

BYou specializes

BYou specializes in advanced laser hair removal. NYC clients will be given a personalized skin evaluation to determine the best and most complete treatment options. With our state of the art techniques and equipment, we are able to offer an effective and pain free hair removal experience for nearly all hair and skin types.

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