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If you are a responsible and advanced cosmetics user, you know the importance of body skin peel. This beauty guide will reveal you the aspects to consider when performing real chemistry body peel in Brooklyn NY and the features of the procedure. Sign up for the best professional full body chemical peel NYC now and treat multiple skin imperfections at once.

What Is a Body Chemical Peel?

There are cases when exfoliating body wash does not have the desired effect. This is a reason to think seriously about cosmetic chemical peel (skin purging).

Body chemical peel is a cosmetic skin cleansing treatment by exfoliating the upper keratinized skin layers. This is an effective way to get rid of dead skin on body, aimed at eliminating various skin imperfections. It is equally effective for a woman or men regardless of age – whether you are 30 years old or older.

Thanks to a professional full body skin peel, skin permeability is increased, nutrients are absorbed more easily, blood circulation is improved, and the regeneration process of the whole body is triggered.

For a full body peel procedure, various acids are applied to the skin: salicylic, lactic, fruit, etc. When exposed to acids, a superficial chemical burn occurs on the skin. These SPA treatments will help dissolve dead skin cells, boost collagen, fight skin pigmentation (using a melanin inhibitor), which will significantly improve the color and quality of your body skin.

Chemical skin peel is suitable for owners of oily skin with enlarged pores, age-related changes, pigmentation, and people with inelastic, loose skin. This is a kind of skin detox, after which, it will glow with health and youth.

Body Peel Treatment

Chemical peel for body treatment is one of the initial stages of body skin care. Full body peel treatment can help you have a beautiful, toned body and smooth, silky skin.

Chemical peels solve many different aesthetic problems of the body and face. They are effective for care in the following cases:

  • to remove scars from the body
  • to remove hyperpigmentation and dark spots on body
  • for body acne (for back, for chest, on butt) patients of all ages;
  • for ingrown hair scars, strawberry legs
  • to get rid of tan
  • to get rid of dead skin on body
  • to heal acne scars on body
  • to treat ichthyosis vulgaris, keratosis pilaris
  • to reduce the visibility of stretch marks
  • to fade dark knees/to lighten knees
  • to whiten underarm
  • for wrinkles
  • tattoo removal and body art
  • align texture and tone body
  • skin lightening, discoloration, whole body whitening
  • body modification

Chemical body modification, skin brightening, and vaginal bleaching are performed only in proven and qualified cosmetology clinics and beauty centers since the deep knowledge of peculiar techniques for their implementation is required.

Chemical peel for dark and age spots on buttocks is an effective solution to lighten skin on butt, get rid of acne scars on buttocks, and tighten excess skin. After the peeling procedure, the skin on your butt may look like from sunburn damage, but this redness will fade away very soon.

Body skin peel products

If you notice that the skin has become dull, it lacks elasticity, firmness, and moisture, the esthetician chemical peel procedure will be good for you. Take advantage of the face and body skin care clinic NY. Trust your beauty and health to professionals.

Acid body peel is controlled skin damage using chemical formulas to correct aesthetic imperfections. Body therapy peel allows you to solve a wide range of problems – eliminate acne and scars, wrinkles, age spots, and other age-related changes. Chemical peels are also effective for treat ichthyosis vulgaris, keratosis pilaris.

The second name of peeling is exfoliation – a procedure for remove the top layer of the skin, or rather its dead cells. Depending on the depth of impact, the following types of peels are distinguished:

There is also a peeling to clear up the dark spots on your skin. It is performed on safe monochloroacetic acid and is used for butt, for dark underarms, for dark spots on legs, for dark knuckles, and for Fordyce spots.

Benefits of Chemical Skin Peel for Body

Chemical peeling is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, which is equally good for fighting teenage acne and for retirees that need deep cleansing of the skin, renewal and stimulation of internal processes.

This method involves the use of different types of acids, which are selected depending on the problem and skin type. Chemical body peel benefits effects are noticeable almost immediately.

This cosmetic method is used as an anti-aging procedure:

  • to revitalize the aging skin of the face and body
  • to reduce wrinkles
  • to remove scars
  • for body marks treatment
  • to rejuvenize the skin
  • to reduce hyperkeratosis and the number of keratinized dead cells
  • for skin bleaching
  • to activate cells that synthesize elastin and collagen fibers

After a chemical peel, cellular metabolism is enhanced, which helps to improve skin texture. Your skin after body chemical peel becomes sexy, tight, and firm with a smoothing effect. Advanced corrective peel body diminishes the appearance of discoloration, giving the body an even skin tone. The holistic use of detox therapy provides the best results in combination with resurfacing body care.

Professional chemical peels are produced using various acids, which are selected depending on the type and needs of the client. Peels cater to all skin types from lighter to darker. Treatment is selected individually, depending on the skin type.

chemical peels before and after

Body Chemical Peel Before and After

The indisputable advantage of the procedure, according to patients’ reviews, is an impressive “before and after” result, which is clearly visible even on NYC photos. Our results gallery confirms that the chemical peel for the body is worth it!

Customer Reviews

Grateful customer reviews are the best reward for the clinic. Nothing proves the effectiveness of the procedure like reviews from happy customers.

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Body Chemical Peel Cost in Brooklyn NYC

If you’re trying to figure out how much does a body chemical peel cost, consider the area for the procedure. The price is calculated individually, depending on the amount of work and the type of procedure. The average cost of chemical body peel at dermatologist in New York can go up 1,000 dollars. Compare pricing options ­ a full body course can seem to be pretty affordable.

Medical Peel
Area Single Session Package of 3 Sessions 10% off Package of 5 – 20% Off
Chemical peel/Jessner peel $150 $405 $600
TCA pee $195 $527 $780
Body Peels S $250 $675 $1 000
Body Peels M $350 $945 $1 400
Body Peels L $550 $1 485 $2 200
Microdermabration $100 $270 $400
Microdermabration Back – Facial $200 $540 $800
Chemical peel+Microdermabration $175 $473 $700
Dermaplanning $125 $338 $500
Dermaplanningl+Peel $200 $540 $800

About Doctor

The main mission of professional estheticians is to restore, maintain health, and prolong the youthfulness of your skin. During the consultation, an experienced dermatologist examines your skin and selects skin treatments that will solve the individual problem of each client.

Making an appointment with a certified aesthetician online will not take much of your time. Each specialist has the necessary certificate confirming his/her expertise and qualifications.

Body Peel near Me: Best Place to Get Chemical Peel for Body Skin in New York City

Since the chemical body peel affects deep skin structures, it is not recommended to carry out the procedure at home. So, the question is where to get a full body chemical peel in Brooklyn?

A professional body whitening peel is carried out under the close supervision of a dermatologist. Full body treatment peel requires high medical knowledge and expensive laser equipment. We tip on best chemical peels for your body skin to keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and radiant.


Chemical peel stages

Before carrying out the chemical peeling procedure, you need to sign the consent form and carefully study the guide. A dermatologist will advise you on every possible reaction – mild pain and burning sensation, redness after chemical peel, etc. The supplies needed to perform peeling treatments for your skin include wipes, creams, gels, and masks for daily care.

Preparation for body peeling begins 10-14 days before the procedure and is prescribed to prepare the skin for the stress of peeling, even out the skin, and stimulate skin regeneration of all body parts. Continue reading to know all the details of the further process of professional layering peels.

A chemical body peel process by skincare professional is carried out in four stages:

  • Cleansing and disinfection. Esthetician uses a peeling gel containing a weak solution of glycolic acid with active ingredients.
  • Application of an active formula. Using a brush, a doctor will evenly process the body skin in a specific sequence. After that, they proceed to the next stage of the procedure.
  • Acid neutralization. Deactivation of the peeling agent is carried out using a special neutralizer.
  • Post-peeling care. After deactivating the acid, the doctor will massage, cleanse, and treat the body with a special post-peeling cream.

How long does this Procedure Last?

The duration of the full body chemical peel procedure depends on the type of peel and the depth of treatment. On average, body skin peel takes from 5 to 50 minutes of your time.

Parts of the bodyTime for the procedure
Neck10 min
Neckline5 – 10 min
Breast15 – 20 min
Back35 – 45 min
Hands10 – 15 min
Legs25 – 35 min
Full body50 or more

Types of chemical peels

There are many types of chemical peels used depending on age and type of the problem:

  • TCA (trichloroacetic acid) chemical peel
  • PCA chemical peel
  • OTC chemical peel
  • CVS
  • AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) chemical peel
  • BHA (beta hydroxy acids) peel

Different types of chemical peels are designed to address a variety of skin problems. Depending on the condition and needs of the skin, a definite skin peeling product is used for the chemical peeling procedure:

  • glycolic acid
  • salicylic acid
  • lactic acid
  • phenol
  • fruit
  • herbal
  • retinol
  • orange peels
  • enzyme peel
  • Jessner
  • resorcinol
  • vitamin C

All of the above ingredients and components in the chemical composition are organic and natural (even every chemical acid) and are provided by the best professional brands.

The qualified specialists of the clinic have sufficient medical experience and the necessary medical grade in dermatology and cosmetology.

Does it hurt?

During chemical peels, the patient may experience a mild burning sensation, which is usually relieved by being in a stream of cold air. After neutralizing the acid, the burning sensation fades away.

How do you prepare?

Before carrying out the procedure, it is imperative to consult a cosmetologist. The preparation period for peeling can be up to 10 days. At this time, you should avoid visiting the pool, sauna, solarium and not expose the skin to direct sunlight. If the skin is inflamed, anti-inflammatory therapy should be taken.

What to expect after a body chemical peel

Red skin and itching are common reactions to the procedure. The redness fades day by day. Sometimes, burns, dry skin, red blotches, or swelling of the skin are noted, which also goes away on its own within a few days. After the procedure, a thin white film forms on the skin. The skin turns pale and then becomes red. Within 1-2 days, the redness increases, after which, the skin layers are exfoliated. Usually, all these processes last about a week followed by complete healing.

Recovery time

Light exfoliation has little healing time. The deeper the peeling, the longer the recovery period will take.

Light peelingfrom 5 to 14 days
Medium peelingfrom 14 days to a month
Deep peelingfrom one to two months


After chemical peeling, in post care conditions, it is necessary to use the best moisturizer and skin care products – coconut oil, moisturizing creams that will eliminate the feeling of constriction. Also, prevent sun exposure and loss of fluid. “Crusts” on the skin that appear after peeling will not be removed on their own; they must be lubricated with cream.

What not to do after a chemical peel?

The main rule of care after any peel is to avoid possible infection. During the first time after the procedure, try not to touch your skin with your hands, do not wash it, do not apply cosmetics, avoid being in the sun, rain, or wind.

How many procedures are needed to see results?

Many patients are interested in how many procedures are needed to see results. But they forget that everything is purely individual and depends on the type of skin and the complexity of the problem. Depending on these indicators, the full course can involve from 6 to 10 sessions.

How often body peel

There are no clear universal recommendations in this matter. For problem skin (acne), a chemical peel should be done every two weeks. If the complexity of the situation is not great, you can get a body peel every 5-7 weeks.

How long will the results last?

Professional chemical peeling will help solve a number of pressing issues concerning age-related changes and skin problems. The effect of this procedure lasts for several years.

Are full body chemical peels safe?

When carrying out a chemical peeling procedure, it is important to follow all the instructions of the cosmetologist as well as the principles of skin care during this period. It is necessary to adhere to daily skin care, use moisturizers and cosmetic products good for skin. Under these conditions, full body chemical peel is safe.

Side effects

Allergic reaction is one of the most common side effects of body chemical peel. When something’s gone wrong, you can observe all sorts of inflammation, excessive skin tightness, or breakout after a peeling procedure.


Chemical peeling with acids is completely contraindicated in the presence of hypersensitivity to drug components or allergic reactions to them. This is why professional doctors consider all the possible risks while trying to avoid various dangers. Do not use chemical peels in the following cases:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Folliculitis
  • While breastfeeding
  • During pregnancy

Can we combine chemical peels with other procedures?

Today, chemical peels are one of the most effective, beneficial, and simple methods for correcting skin changes. To achieve the best result when solving various cosmetic problems, medical chemical peeling can be combined with other types of procedures.

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