Body Peels

Body peels offer a flexible and powerful treatment for a variety of skin problems. Each treatment is fully customized to the needs of the individual. Book a free consultation to learn more!

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What Is A Body Chemical Peel?

A body chemical peel is a cosmetic skin cleansing treatment that exfoliates the upper keratinized skin layers. A professional full body skin peel increases skin permeability, promotes nutrient absorption, and improves blood circulation.   Chemical skin peels are suitable for people with oily skin, enlarged pores, age-related changes, uneven pigmentation, and inelastic, loose skin. For a full body peel procedure, various acids are applied to the skin: salicylic, lactic, fruit, etc. When exposed to acids, a superficial chemical burn occurs on the skin. These treatments will help dissolve dead skin cells, boost collagen, and fight skin pigmentation (using a melanin inhibitor), which will significantly improve the color and quality of your body skin.

Body Peel Treatment

Body peels are effective for treating:


Stretch marks

Hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Dead or dry skin

Body acne

Acne scars on the body

Skin discoloration

Ingrown hair scars

Ichtyosis vulgaris, keratosis pilaris

Fine lines and wrinkles

What Parts of the Body Are Chemical Peels Used For?

Body peels can be performed on the:
different ingredients and options for chemical peels treatments
Light peeling (enzyme peel) is carried out using AHA acids (fruit acids) and enzymes for body cleanser. Most often, it is lactic, almond, glycolic, citric, malic, tartaric, ferulic, phytic acids. With the help of fruit peel, you can increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, reduce the depth of fine wrinkles (effective for neck wrinkles and for chest wrinkles).
a woman receives a chemical peels treatment for skin
The active substances of the middle peeling not only penetrate into the stratum corneum but also reach the epidermis and penetrate into the basal layer, providing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. For medium peeling, drugs based on TCA (trichloroacetic), salicylic, as well as retinol and resorcinol are usually used. Different middle peelings are carried out to solve various cosmetic problems and eliminate age-related changes – to tighten stomach skin or skin on butt.
chemical peels can be used on many parts of the body
For the strongest deep type of peeling, phenol-based formulations are used. This is an effective way of skin resurfacing with microcrystals, which restores the elasticity of the body skin, corrects wrinkles, and renews the cells of the dermis and epidermis. The effectiveness of the procedure is determined by the appearance of frosting – a white plaque on the surface of the skin that looks like frost.

Benefits of Body Peels

Body peels use different types of acids, which are selected depending on the problem and skin type. Chemical body peel benefits effects are noticeable almost immediately, and the treatment has no downtime. This anti-aging procedure:
Revitalizes aging skin
Reduces wrinkles
Removes scars
Reduces hyperkeratosis and the number of keratinized dead cells
Rejuvenates the skin
Activates cells that synthesize elastin and collagen fibers
a woman with acne scars seeking treatment

Results Guaranteed

After a chemical peel, cellular metabolism is enhanced, which helps to improve skin texture. Your skin after becomes sexy, tight, and firm, with a visible smoothing effect. Advanced corrective peel body diminishes the appearance of discoloration, giving the body an even skin tone. The holistic use of detox therapy provides the best results in combination with
resurfacing body care.

Professional chemical peels are produced using various acids, which are selected depending on the type and needs of the client. Peels cater to all skin types from lighter to darker. Treatment is selected individually, depending on the skin type.
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Where Can I Get Body Peels?

Body peels should never be done at home. Our clinic specializes in the treatment of various skin conditions. We have locations across the NYC metropolitan area, with clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island.

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