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What is Botox for Wrinkles?

Botox injections are an ideal solution for anyone who wants to smooth out any wrinkles and fine lines. They create a youthful look without any surgery. Botox for wrinkles only relaxes the muscle injected so other elements of facial expression remain active.

Botox for wrinkles has effectively treated forehead wrinkles, frown lines, gummy smiles, smoker’s lines, and brow lift. The most common areas that are treated are frown lines, crow’s feet (lines that spread out from the corner of your eye), and forehead lines.

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How Does Botox for Wrinkles Work?

Botox is a chemical that is injected in specific areas of the face and sometimes the body. The injected muscle can’t contract because the injection temporarily paralyzes the muscles underneath that particular area.

The relaxed muscles create a smooth complexion. Sometimes the results can be seen in as little as a week. Because Botox for wrinkles has no effect on the sensory nerves, you will have a normal feeling in the treated areas.

Botox for Neck Wrinkles

In addition to the face, Botox has been used to effectively treat the neck too. Botox is injected in a few locations along the lower jaw and down to the patient’s neck. The injections help pull the jaw muscles down.

Botox for neck wrinkles results in a noticeable tightening, smoothing, and lifting effect of the skin. You will notice some immediate results right after the session, but it can take a few days to see the full effects.

Is Botox for Wrinkles Safe?

Botox for wrinkles is popular because the injections are safe, quick, effective, and have minimal downtime to create a natural appearance. The most common side effect is temporary bruising and a small percentage of patients may develop eyelid drooping, which usually ends in three weeks.

How Long Does Botox for Wrinkles Last?

The most noticeable results from Botox for wrinkles usually develop 3 to 7 days after injection and the effects last for three to six months. As the muscle action gradually returns, wrinkles begin to reappear and need to be treated again. To sustain the benefits and your youthful appearance, it is best to come for maintenance injections.

Botox for Forehead Wrinkles

Botox for your forehead wrinkles are used to smooth horizontal lines and vertical wrinkles between the eyes. The injections relax the muscles that cause wrinkles to form. We usually start out with a low-unit dosage for each injection first then wait a few weeks to see how it is working.

Our aesthetician will adjust the amount that is injected each time depending on how your skin is responding and will be able to tell you how many visits are needed to get the results you want.

Quick Results

Botox for wrinkles createshave noticeable effects in as little as a week

Creates a Natural Appearance

Our experienced aestheticians know the right amount of Botox for wrinkles to inject to create a natural appearance

No Downtime

There is no downtime after Botox for wrinkles and you can return to your daily routine

Botox for Eye Wrinkles

Botox can be used to treat what is commonly called “crow’s feet,” wrinkles that develop near the outside corners of your eyes. These are hard to treat with at home methods. Botox injections relax the muscles surrounding your eye corners so the skin smoothes out.

The treatment only takes a few minutes and it takes about three days to have noticeable results around your eyes. To maintain smoothness in this area, it is ideal to get Botox for eye wrinkles every few months

Botox for Wrinkles Cost

 The treatments are priced based on the number of Botox injections that are needed to achieve the desired results. There are discounts for clients who will do multiple treatments.

To get a customized estimate of the Botox for wrinkles cost, please contact our NYC location at 1800 355-3308. Our representatives will help guide you through a variety of payment and financing options including package deals.

Botox/Dysport Injections
Procedure Price Up to 20
Up to 50 units 50 units +
Botox Cosmetics $12.50/unit $10.00/unit $9.50/unit $9.00/unit
Dysport $11.00/unit $9.50/unit $9.00/unit $8.50/unit
Botox For Hyperhidrosis $10.00/unit $8.50/unit


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