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Cheek fillers in NYC Brooklyn

What Are Cheek Fillers?

As we age, we can experience a loss of facial volume and skin elasticity. Cheek fillers are a safe and effective solution to treat hollow and saggy skin. Cheek fillers are known as dermal fillers which are small injections of gel that fill in wrinkles and add volume to soft tissue.

The gel is usually made up of hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance that our bodies produce to keep our skin hydrated. Our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid as we get older.

What Types of Cheek Fillers Are Used?

It’s hard to say what the best filler for cheeks is because it depends on your skin type and its condition. There are a variety of cheek fillers but we most often use JuvedermVoluma and RestylaneLyft.

Our skilled aestheticians will recommend the best filler for cheeks after examining your skin and adding just enough filler to give you the look you want. Too little cheek volume makes the face look sunken while having too much volume can cause the skin to look swollen or unnatural.

Why Do Our Faces Lose Volume?

As we age, our bodies stop producing collagen and elastin altogether by our late twenties. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and it gives the skin its strength and flexibility. Elastin makes our stretched skin return to its original shape.

Do Cheek Fillers Have Side Effects?

It’s normal to have temporary side effects after getting cheek fillers including swelling, redness, bruising and tenderness. Reactions generally happen right after the needle injection and are usually mild to moderate. These reactions usually disappear soon after the cheek fillers are injected and fully resolved after a few days.

Juvederm Cheek Fillers

JuvedermVoluma XC cheek fillers are made from hyaluronic acid and designed to add volume and hydration. This solution has a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid compared to other cheek fillers.

Once Juvederm is injected, your skin will become firm and plump in just a few minutes. You can go about your day with more confidence and fully express yourself without worrying about how your skin looks.

Quick Treatment

One cheek filler injection just takes a few minutes

Immediate Results

Your skin is restored within minutes of your cheek filler injections

No Downtime

You can continue your day right after getting cheek injections

Restylane Cheek Fillers

RestylaneLyft is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel that can be used to correct cheek volume loss and treat wrinkles in the face. While you will see results almost immediately, RestylaneLyft takes longer to take full effect and the results can last from 6 to 18 months.

When RestylaneLyftis injected, the gel adds volume, immediately improves the contour of your face and reduces wrinkles. Over thelong term, this cheek filler’s hyaluronic acid in the formula reacts naturally in the skin to attract more moisture. This additional moisture boosts the volume and elasticity on your skin.


Radiesse Cheek Fillers

Radiesse is a completely biocompatible and biodegradable cheek filler that adds volume and provides chin correction immediately. Our Radiesse cheek filler contains lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic that helps reduce pain. You may just feel momentary pinching during the treatment.

Over time, the Radiesse gel is absorbed in the body and its benefits continue by stimulating the body’s own collagen. Since it is composed of calcium hydroxyapatite, it integrates well with the cheekbones. Radiesse is an excellent cheek filler for facial contouring and for correcting facial asymmetries.


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