Chemical Peels

Chemical peels offer a flexible and powerful treatment for a variety of skin problems. Each treatment is fully customized to the needs of the individual. Book a free consultation to learn more!

a woman receives a chemical peels treatment for skin

What Is A Chemical Peel?

Let's give a definition of this term, which scares many patients on the way to deciding whether or not they need a chemical peel. A chemical peel treatment uses special products to remove the upper keratinous layers of the skin. It is a safe, controlled exfoliation of the dead part of the epidermis.    Each treatment is designed individually, depending on the skin type and the existing condition. Usually, they contain different types of acids, activators, and vitamins. They serve not only to exfoliate dead skin, but also to effectively treat deep layers and restore firmness at the skin cell level. Special preparations boost collagen, and the use of melanin inhibitors helps fight blemishes, age-related changes, and other conditions. Chemical peels mitigate wrinkles since the skin is moisturized and becomes much more elastic than before the treatment.   Deep facial chemical peels are especially popular, helping clients for wrinkles, skin discoloration, scars, and other conditions. In some cases, peeling/shedding of light to medium depth is used, which requires less recovery time and is easier to tolerate. This is often combined with other cosmetic procedures for the most effective result.

Fully Customized Treatment

Special preparations and additional devices are used for chemical peeling/shedding to act on the skin as efficiently as possible, cure it of existing conditions, and eliminate some visual imperfections. It is very important to understand that for each type of skin (and, accordingly, for each individual patient), a separately selected chemical which are customized according to the skin condition and skin type is used. If these complex chemical solutions are applied incorrectly, it can lead to serious risks. A chemical treatment to be utilized under certified aesthetician/doctor.
Alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic, citric acid);
Beta hydroxy acids (in particular, salicylic);
Trichloroacetic acid and phenol (these strong substances are used only for deep or medium chemical peels and require especially careful handling);
different ingredients and options for chemical peels treatments

This procedure cannot be done on your own due to its complexity and possible risks if performed incorrectly. Therefore, you should look for the best professional chemical peel center in New York and get help from skillful aestheticians to achieve the most successful results.

BYou Laser Clinic specializes in the treatment of various skin conditions and will customize a chemical peel for your exact needs.

Skin lightening, discoloration, whole body whitening

To remove hyperpigmentation and dark spots on body

For body acne (for back, for chest, on butt) patients of all ages;

For ingrown hair scars, strawberry legs

To get rid of tan

To get rid of dead skin on body

To heal acne scars on body

For wrinkles

To reduce the visibility of stretch marks

To fade dark knees/to lighten knees

To whiten underarm

To treat ichthyosis vulgaris, keratosis pilaris

Skin discoloration

Align texture and tone body

To remove scars from the body

If you are trying to eliminate one or more of these conditions, chemical peels are a great option. Book a free consultation today to customize the perfect treatment for you.
chemical peels can be used on many parts of the body

What Parts of the Body Are Chemical Peels Used For?

Chemical peels can be performed on:
Periorbital peels (eyelids or under eyes)
In addition, a body chemical peel is also possible. Options for the body area include procedures:
inner thighs
bikini area or penis, butt
Of course, a full body chemical peel in NYC requires higher medical training, high-tech equipment, and certified drugs suitable for this purpose.
BYou Laser Clinic offers the best chemical peels in NYC. You can achieve flawless skin without unnecessary pain, worries, or strict diets. And most importantly, you can count on a long-term result, since peeling reaches deeper layers of the epidermis than any other non-surgical skin cleansing and healing procedure. You can discuss the results you are looking for at a free consultation, and our aestheticians will craft the perfect treatment for your needs.
a woman receives a chemical peels treatment on her forehead

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Where Can I Get Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels should never be done at home. Our clinic specializes in the treatment of various skin conditions. We have locations across the NYC metropolitan area, with clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Long Island.

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