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Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment Brooklyn

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under eyes and puffy eyes are very common in both men and women. They can make you look stressed and exhausted even when you are well rested. Many people feel self-conscious and frustrated when they are always told they look tired.

Because the skin under the eye is so thin, the blood vessels under the skin become more visible. It is the dark blood vessels that result in dark circles under eyes. If you also suffer from puffy eyes, the shadows cast can make the area under the eyes look darker.


Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes

Many people mistakenly think that dark circles are a result of sleep deprivation. But in reality, there are other factors that can cause dark circles under eyes including aging, eye strain and genetics.

Dark circles under eyes are more common for people who have darker skin tones because darker skin tones are more prone to hyperpigmentation under the eyes. As we get older, our skin loses fat and collagen which makes the area under the eye even more hollow and sunken.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

We use dermal fillers to reduce dark circles under eyes because they have a very subtle and natural effect. The procedure is quick, non-surgical, non-invasive and the results are visible instantly. We use Ravanese, Juvederm, Restylane and Stylagefor our clients. They are the best treatment for dark circles because they are effective, safe and hyaluronic acid-based.

The Importance of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced within our bodies and attracts water molecules. This makes our skin more hydrated, plumped and smooth. To effectively treat dark circles under eyes, hyaluronic acid has to go deep into the skin. As the skin under the eye is lifted up, it decreases the appearance of blood vessels and the look of shadows.

Ravanesse Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment

Ravanesse is a versatile filler that can be used because it produces very natural results, doesn’t contain any animal products and is a biodegradable formula that breaks down naturally in the body. Compared to other fillers, there is often less post-injection swelling. The particle size is spherical and uniform in size which helps give people a natural, long-lasting result once it is in their face.

Juvederm Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment

Juvederm instantly smoothes your skin and the results can last up to a year. You will already see an improvement for dark circles under eyes after your first session. It can take a few days to see the full results.

Not only are the results quick, Juvederm is known to provide a natural looking appearance so you don’t have to worry about your injections looking fake. Because there is little to no downtime, most people return to their normal daily activities right after their session.

Hyaluronic Acid Based Dermal Fillers

This dark circles under eyes treatment has a natural effect and non-invasive

Immediate Results

You can see the difference right after your dark circles under eyes treatment

Fresher Look

You will look more rested and refreshed after getting dermal fillers

Restylane Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment

Restylane restores a youthful volume and smoothness around the eyes. Because it is made with hyaluronic acid, it is well tolerated by most clients. The treatment produces results that last a year or more.

Our skilled and experienced injectors ensure that enough is placed in the initial treatment to ensure long term results. A numbing cream is placed on your skin so the 15 to 30-minute procedure is very comfortable.

Stylage Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment

The type of Stylage filler we use is injected into the superficial to mid dermis. Stylage not only corrects wrinkles, but replaces the skin’s lost moisture and helps remodel facial shapes. It is specifically designed for natural correction of superficial lines and wrinkles.

Because the hyaluronic acid breaks down in the body, the results fade.That is why it is ideal to get maintenance Stylage dark circles under eyes treatment. Stylage’s results last between 9 to 12 months.


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