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Dry Skin

What Causes Dry Skin?

Almost everyone has endured dry and dehydrated skin at some point in their life. But many people have this problem more often or on a daily basis. This makes people feel insecure about their appearance.
Dry skin has a variety of causes including a drop in temperature and reduced in humidity, which is made worse by indoor heating and hot showers. Sensitivities to soaps, detergents and shampoos can cause skin to dry out as well. People simply develop dry skin naturally as they get older.

Dry Skin treatment new york
Dry skin treatment Brooklyn

Dry Skin Treatments

Our dry skin treatments not only help people get hydrated and smooth skin, but more importantly, restores people’s confidence. When they feel good about how they look, they can be fully engaged with other people in their day to day lives.
Our dry skin treatments integrate medical-grade products that are suitable for all skin types to produce long lasting results. We have effectively treated many clients with the Aquapure facial system and Vivier products.

What is an Aquapure Facial?

The Aquapure facial is an advanced form of microdermabrasion that restores facial beauty by treating a variety of skin problems. Microdermabrasion involves using an applicator with an abrasive surface to gently sand away the outer layer of the skin so it will be rejuvenated. The Aquapure facial is designed for customization and can help people of all skin types, including people with sensitive skin.

Vivier Skin Care’s Ingredients

We use the Vivier Skin Care line to treat skin for dryness, hyperpigmentation and anti-aging. Vivier’s products contain ingredients that are essential for maintaining healthy skin like vitamin C, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. The products are designed with IntraDermal system technology so the formulations penetrate deep into the skin.

How Quickly Can I See Results?

You will notice immediate changes to your skin after the first Aquapure facial treatment. You can see aging trends reverse and only three sessions are needed within a three-week period. When you consistently get treatments with Vivier products, you can see results in 4 weeks.

Vivier Dry Skin Treatment

Vivier’s skin care line has higher concentrations of active and more refined ingredients than other brands. Each product is designed to treat a specific problem and we use the appropriate ones to effectively treat dry skin.

All of Vivier’s products integrate the IntraDermal System to penetrate deep into the skin in a controlled way and deposit an active ingredient. This moisturizes the damaged area of the skin. You can apply makeup over the solutions.

Immediate Aquapure Treatment Results

You will notice a difference right after your first Aquapure facial session

Nourishing Ingredients

Vivier contains ingredients that are essential for maintaining healthy skin

Long Lasting Results

The Aquapure facial and Vivier dry skin treatments produce lasting effects

Aquapure Facial Dry Skin Treatment

There are four stages that are involved in the Aquapure facial dry skin treatment, which are Aquapeel, electroporation, microcurrent and cooling/heating. In the Aquapeel stage, the aesthetician first removes dead skin cells as well as other impurities, does a deep cleanse and provides hydration.

During electroporation, stable electric currents deliver nutrients deep into the skin to nourish the skin. We use microcurrent technology to boosts blood circulation and tighten the skin. During the final stage, a cooling technique is used to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and the heating technique is used for skin firming.

High Quality Elements for Dry Skin

The Aquapure facial hydrates and nourishes the skin with hyaluronic acid and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that our bodies naturally produce to keep our skin hydrated and helps our skin look smoother. This treatment also includes an antioxidant mask specially designed for instant hydration, firming and brightening.

The ingredients in Vivier’s skin care solutions are a mix of plant-based, naturally derived or synthetic that are pharmaceutical-grade and highly purified. Each element is carefully selected by a pharmacist in the development process to deliver the most visible results.


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