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Enlarged Pores Treatment in BROOKLYN

The most effective ways to treat enlarged pores are through procedures that exfoliate the skin and tighten the skin. Let’s give it try!

How Do You Tell if You Have Large Pores?

Pores are tiny holes in a person’s skin and they play an important role by acting as an escape route for sweat and other body toxins. But enlarged pores are more visible and make many people self-conscious as they go about their day.

Enlarged pores tend to appear on oily or aging skin and get clogged with debris and oils that should be flowing out of the pores. People with enlarged pores on the face tend to be more prone to breakouts.

What Causes Enlarged Pores

The main cause of enlarged pores are excessive sebum, decreased elasticity around the pore, and increased hair follicle volume. Sebum is the light yellow, oily substance under your skin that helps your skin stay moisturized. But excessive sebum creates oily skin.

When there is decreased elasticity around the pore, it gives the appearance of enlarged pores on the face. Each hair follicle has a pore on top of it and if there is increased hair follicle volume, the pore becomes clogged.

Enlarged Pores Treatment

Enlarged pores on the nose and face can be treated in a variety of ways including an Aquapure Facial, microneedling and chemical peels. These procedures exfoliate and tighten the skin to decrease pore size quickly with minimal downtime and discomfort.

Over time, the treatments can result in enhanced thickness of the dermis as well as increased collagen and elastin which makes the pores appear smaller, less apparent, and sometimes invisible.

Enlarged Pores Treatment Consultation

You will first have a consultation with one of our certified and experienced aestheticians to examine your skin, discuss your goals and make a recommended treatment plan. A combination of enlarged pores treatments may be used to get the best possible results to reduce enlarged pores and minimize the formation of new pores.

How Can I Maintain Enlarged Pores Treatment Results

In addition to following the aesthetician’s maintenance treatment schedule, you can help minimize enlarged pores by keeping a good skin care regimen. An effective skin care routine includes cleansing twice a day, using the right moisturizer and exfoliating dead skin cells.

Aquapure Facial or Enlarged Pores on the Nose and

The Aquapure Facial treatment for enlarged pores is a four-step microdermabrasion facial that is suitable for all skin types. The treatment involves a deep cleanse that will exfoliate the skin to remove all of the impurities in the pores. The session will also hydrate, lift and tighten the skin.

When the pores are cleared and the skin is tightened, the pores will be visibly minimized. While you can see results in one visit, it is recommended to have multiple Aquapure Facial sessions to treat enlarged pores on the nose and face to sustain long term results

Aquapure Facial Enlarged Pores Treatment

Clears and tightens the skin to reduce the visibility of the pores

Microneedling Enlarged Pores Treatment

Stimulates the production of collagen and skin regeneration which will shrink pores

Chemical Peels Enlarged Pores Treatment

The exfoliated skin will peel off and the new layer underneath has smaller pores

Microneedling for Enlarged Pores on the Nose and Face

Microneedling treatment for enlarged pores uses tiny needles to puncture the skin to stimulate collagen production while minimizing cellular damage. Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and essential to keep the skin looking youthful, firm and smooth.

To treat enlarged pores on the nose and face, tiny needles are poked into the skin of the affected areas. This exfoliates the skin, reduces oiliness and stimulates collagen production. The collagen will help plump the skin and increase the skin’s rate of regeneration which will shrink pores. Three to five microneedling treatments are required to get the best results for enlarged pores.

Chemical Peels for Enlarged Pores on the Nose and Face

When chemical peels are used to treat enlarged pores, an acid is applied to the skin that cause layers of the skin to carefully peel off. We use glycolic acid peels because they are gentle and effective. Glycolic acid naturally occurs in food like fruit and is safe for all skin types.

The strength of the glycolic acid peel depends on the extent of the skin damage and the goals of the client. The peel can be superficial, medium and deep. When the old skin layers peel off, the new skin underneath has smaller pores. The new skin is also smoother and tighter.


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