Laser Spot Removal

Unhappy with spots on your skin? Our cutting edge laser treatment can help get rid of them. Book a free consultation today to learn more!

woman looks at dark spots on her skin before laser treatment
laser genesis treatment on the face

What Is Laser Spot Removal?

There are a variety of reasons spots show up, from sun damage to hormonal changes to acne. No matter the reason, our advanced laser spot removal treatment offers a quick and easy solution.    During a treatment, our certified medical aesthetician will use the state-of-the-art GentleMax Pro to intelligently target spots. The laser emits a controlled amount of focused light which gently breaks up excess pigmentation and vascular lesions that are associated with sun-damaged skin and age spots. But don’t worry– the treatment is completely painless, and requires no downtime.
With laser spot removal, you don’t need to stress about surgery or discomfort
No Downtime
You’ll be ready to get on with your daily routine right after your treatment
Specialized Technology
Laser spot removal treatments are always performed with the cutting edge GentleMax Pro
Our aesthetician performs laser hair removal in Brooklyn

More Details

Laser spot removal is effective for age spots, sun spots, spots resulting from hyperpigmentation, and more. Each treatment at BYou Laser Clinic is fully customized to the individual’s skin needs and goals, and is always performed by a licensed medical professional.   So why wait? Book a free consultation and take the first step towards skin you love.
Laser spot removal makes a world of difference for those experiencing unwanted spots on their skin. To learn more, sign up for a free consultation with one of our medical professionals at one of our NYC clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Long Island.
the advanced GentleMax Pro laser machine

What Our Clients Say

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Promos applicable to bundle package purchases.
Laser Spot Removal
FACE $250.00
CHEST $240.00
NECK $240.00
CHEST & NECK $400.00
HANDS $215.00

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