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Cosmetic Injections in Manhattan

Between work, socializing, and the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, who has time for wrinkles and fine lines? That’s where we come in – BYou Laser Clinic brings you the ultimate convenience in cosmetic injections right here in the heart of the Big Apple.

Cosmetic Injection Treatment

Why Choose BYou Laser Clinic for Cosmetic Injections in Manhattan?

Cosmetic Botox Injection In Female Forehead.

Discover our vibrant cosmetic injections, perfectly matching the what your skin needs. Let BYou Laser Clinic enhance your allure. 

  • City-Ready Convenience: Our treatments fit seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Manhattanites, we’ve got you covered!
  • Affordable Luxury: At BYou Laser Clinic, we believe in accessible magnificence. Enjoy the extravagance you deserve at prices that won’t break the bank.
  • Lasting Results: It’s not just about the immediate change; it’s about lasting beauty. Our team of skilled aestheticians ensures enduring, stunning results.

You’re conquering the city, and you deserve to look as fabulous as you feel. BYou Laser Clinic is here to make sure your beauty shines as bright as the city lights.

Botox Brilliance

Unveil a younger you with our Botox treatments in Manhattan. Smooth away wrinkles effortlessly and regain your youthful radiance, all in your lunch break!

Luscious Lips

Plump, natural, and irresistible! Our lip fillers enhance your pout, leaving you with lips that speak volumes without saying a word.

Dermal Filler Magic

Banish fine lines and sagging skin with our dermal fillers. Restore volume, contour your face, and turn back time with every injection.

Tailored Botox Treatments

Your face is unique, and so are our treatments. Our experts design personalized Botox plans to address your specific concerns, ensuring natural-looking results every time.

Vampire Facial Marvel

Experience the ultimate in facial rejuvenation with our Vampire Facial. Rave-worthy reviews and radiant results await. Unleash your inner glow!

After your cosmetic injection treatment, we want you to enjoy the best possible results. Here’s what you can do to nurture your newfound beauty:

  1. Rest and avoid strenuous activities for the first 24 hours post-treatment.
  2. Use a cold compress if you notice any swelling or discomfort.
  3. Don’t touch the treated area for 24 hours.
  4. If it’s a facial injection, sleep with your head slightly raised.
  5. Attend your follow-up appointment as scheduled so we can properly assess your results.
  6. Avoid harsh skincare products or solutions for a few days.

We’re here to make your beauty journey as easy as possible. If you have any questions, just reach out to us. Your beauty is our priority! 

How Long Do Cosmetic Injections Really Last?

Fillers typically last 6 to 18 months, botox lasts 3 to 5 months, and vampire facial lasts up to a year or more. The duration varies based on the type of filler, treatment area, and individual factors like metabolism and lifestyle choices. Our skilled aestheticians in Manhattan ensure you enjoy long-lasting results. Ready for a rejuvenated look? Book a consultation at BYou Laser Clinic in Manhattan.

Beautician Doing Filler Injection Female Client

Experience Your Ultimate Glow at BYou Laser Clinic

Your journey to timeless beauty begins here. Ready to embrace your most radiant self? Contact us now to book your consultation. Elevate your allure, embrace your confidence, and say hello to effortless, impeccable glamour at BYou Laser Clinic in Manhattan. Your beauty transformation starts now!

What Our Clients Say

Kitty Zheng
Kitty Zheng
I had an amazing first session! The technicians are incredibly skilled, and their dedication to providing top-notch facials is truly impressive. And the friendly chats during the session made the whole experience even more enjoyable. I will definitely be returning!!
MaFer SalTo
MaFer SalTo
I cant complain!!!!! They offer the best service and the staff are so nice 💕 im coming back!!!
Sophie Cannon
Sophie Cannon
Ramnit Bloch is the best! I go here for laser and she is so funny and kind - I have to chat during treatments and she talks right back and makes it a fun time!! Would recommend to anyone!
Nara K
Nara K
Amazing experience 😍 as a first timer all i can say loved it :) place, tools everything is clean, staff was great at explaining how treatments work, picking the right ones and taking care of clients definitely on the top list ♥️ will come back for more 🙂
Tova Freundlich
Tova Freundlich
Best Lazer Place! Staff are so friendly and kind. I began seeing results after one session! I did full body Lazer here.
elliot guzhev
elliot guzhev
Wonderful experience from my welcome in to my exit every time. The technicians are so competent, and I love their energy and attention on making it the best facial. Always enjoy the conversations during sessions and feel comfortable and results are great.
Karina Mavlanova
Karina Mavlanova
I came to BYou for laser hair removal and during the sessions found out about many different treatments that they offer for body and skin. BYou is an amazing place, you can find almost everything you need for your body and skin 🙌🏽✨

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