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Permanent Makeup Brooklyn NY

What is Permanent Makeup?

Applying makeup eats up hours a week for many women who want to look their best before they go to work or hang out with friends. Imagine just spending 60 minutes doing this treatment once a year and saving countless hours doing makeup.
While many people refer to these make up tattooing treatments as permanent, it’s more accurate to think about them as semi-permanent makeup because the effects do fade over time. Permanent is just the common word used in the world of cosmetics.

Permanent Makeup Brooklyn

Is Permanent Makeup Painful?s

With permanent makeup, we aren’t implanting pigment, or color, at a level where people should feel plain. Even so, our clients arrive 30 minutes before their appointment so we can starting numbing the treatment areas.

If it’s necessary, our aesthetician can continue numbing during the session. We know many people are nervous the first time they do this treatment, but many clients said the process was easier than they thought it would be.

Permanent Makeup Consultation

When you have a first consultation with our semi-permanent makeup tattoo artist, you will see the range of colors and shapes depending on which area you will get treatment in addition to discussing your end goal. Some people come in with their face made up with the makeup they use at home or bring in pictures of the kind of look they desire.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Vs. Permanent Makeup

While actual permanent makeup sounds tempting, it produces a less natural appearance because the treatment uses a tattoo gun rather than a precise blade. The end result looks less delicate. Also permanent makeup also doesn’t age well. As the skin begins to sag, the permanent makeup may migrate and spread out.

Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Microblading treatment has grown in popularity because it provides a natural and long term solution. This process involves implanting under the skin using a handheld tool that has 10-12 needles at the end. The technique is very precise and each stroke is a superficial line where the color pigment sets into the skin.

Permanent Makeup for Eyes

Wouldn’t you love to have stand-out lashes without applying eyeliner all of the time? There are two permanent eyeliner styles: tightline and eyeliner. Tightline involves adding pigment between the layers of your eyelashes to darken your lash line.

Eyeliner the pigment is applied above the lash line and drawn almost as if you were to put a liquid eyeliner on. This approach is mostly for people who have this look every day and want to stop applying makeup every time.

One Treatment a Year

You only need to come once a year for a 60-minute semi-permanent makeup session

Long-Lasting Results

The effects last for about a year

Get Your Time Back

Save many hours applying makeup in a year by getting semi-permanent makeup

Permanent Makeup for Lips

As we age, some women will lose pigment around their lips and that pink shade fades away. Our aestheticians work to match the natural pink color on the inside portion of the bottom lip as much as possible.

In addition to repigmenting the lips, there is a possibility of making the lips look slightly larger with semi-permanent makeup if clients request it. It is normal for the lips to swell a bit as they heal. But many of our clients actually liked their look when their lips were bigger!

What to Expect After Permanent Makeup Treatment

The tattooed area will look much darker but the color will fade within the week to the shade you wanted. If you are getting semi-permanent makeup on your lips, they will be slightly swollen after treatment.
If you are microblading, your brows may be a bit crisp and dark. Usually, permanent makeup lasts for about a year. Our aesthetician will tell you what anti-aging serums or moisturizers to avoid because they can fade the brows and lips faster.


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